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The press review and the meetings around the book " Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience»

Kintsugi, the art of Resilience, the Kintsugi-do

« Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience» reviewed by Europe 1

Europe 1 Chronicle

Céline Santini , the author of the book, was invited to The show of Isabelle Qs, life ahead of you, Monday, May 14, 2018.  The book was also reviewed on the site ofEurope 1, under the heading ' Personal development ' and chosen to be among the selection of Europe 1 of 5 Personal development works of the summer.

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Céline Santini Talks about resilience in Europe 1

But in this book, it's about learning how to repair your sensitive being rather than a material object. For each technical step of the Kintsugi , Céline Santini Develops a precept to be applied in its inner or even daily life. And the analogy works, even when the link between the technique and its application in terms of well-being is not obvious. (...) « 

Find here the entire article of Europe 1 on the book " Kintsugi » 

The book " Kintsugi Towards international success

Kintsugi The art of Resilience-Céline Santini-rights sold in 6 countries

Soon you will be able to read The book " Kintsugi The Art of Resilience» In 10 Languages!

Even before it was released in France, The rights had already been sold in 9 countries:

United States, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic.

The prestigious Publishers Weekly, The international website of the publishing world, even made a small focus on the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience in its section "International Hot books Properties"!

The book Kintsugi The Art of resilience quoted by Publishers Weekly

Find here the full article of Publishers Weekly

The Kintsugi And the book presented on France Blue

Discover in less than 3 minutes the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience and the soul of Kintsugi In this chronicle of Blue France.


Cosmopolitan has reviewed the book " Kintsugi »Cosmopolitan liked the Book of Céline Santini " Kintsugi "

 The sublime again held only to one detail: the golden powder. In the same way, to Repair yourself, there is often only one detail to change. Céline Santini Explains. (...) »


The book " Kintsugi » Selected by Nature and discovery stores

Nature and discovery stores have chosen to highlight the book

The "Nature and discoveries" stores have put in the spotlight the book " Kintsugi , the art of Resilience, alongside Christophe André 's bestseller. A pretty set up in the "Zen" Spirit!

Nature and Discoveries loves the book of Céline Santini ,

Gala quotes the book " Kintsugi »

Gala loves the book of Céline Santini " Kintsugi "

"There is always a trigger that leads us to reflect on our values, the meaning of our existence," explains Céline Santini , author of Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience»

Open Mind Magazine loved the book " Kintsugi »


Open Mind loves the book " Kintsugi "Of Céline Santini

This magnificent work of Céline Santini will help you to heal your physical and emotional wounds by setting them golden. To discover absolutely! « 

The book " Kintsugi » on FémininBio liked the book

The organic women's site has reviewed the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience. " "The work of Céline Santini , very practical, is enriched with tales, advice and guided exercises. For each stage, the author helps us to pause, to take the necessary step back and to live, in full consciousness, the present moment. A true accompaniment in a healing process, whether the wounds are physical or emotional. »

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Meetings around the Kintsugi 

Meeting with Céline Santini Around the art of Kintsugi

Find here All the News of Céline Santini , author of the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience. " Conferences, dedications, meetings... Come and exchange with her around this subtle and transformative art!

DoersWave, the personal development portal, presents the Kintsugi and the book


Personal development Site "DoersWave" and the Kintsugi

"The Art of Kintsugi Is there to tell you that your trials are primarily a source of experience. You too, like a Kintsugi Alive, you experienced, and then exceeded difficulties. They are part of your story, like the golden scars of a Kintsugi . (...) »

Interview on the occasion of the release of the book

Kintsugi On the blog It's gone my Kiki

Find here the full interview of Céline Santini , author of the book " Kintsugi , "The Art of Resilience" by the very inspiring blog "It's gone my kiki! – Fill up with positive energy.  You share with the reader the remarkable experiences you have experienced. Is it an important step to be able to share those difficult moments in a book? – It's true that I "book" Myself in this book... And it helped me to "deliver". By sleeping some painful experiences black and white, they have been transcended. I kintsugué my journey with ink instead of gold! « 

Click here to read the entire interview.

A very beautiful interview focused on the theme of spirituality for Buddhist books

Spirituality Interview for Buddhist books

The site Buddhist Books Interviewed Céline Santini, addressing the themes and links between the Kintsugi , Emotional healing, Zen, spirituality, resilience, Buddhism, ecology, alchemy, search for the way, symbolism, wabi-sabi, Soul, Initiation, reincarnation... "The Kintsugi It's also the art of recycling! Instead of throwing, we fix, we renew! What is its ecological scope? Does it also apply in this way, to the soul? I am talking about a "ecology of the Soul". – The Kintsugi Well indeed invites to keep and recycle, instead of throwing... We can even talk about upcycling! And, of course, indeed, this metaphor transposes itself to the soul: the Kintsugi Can speak symbolically to any injured person, regardless of the type of injury. The Kintsugi Is there to remember that, even wounded or broken, our soul has a value, which it is worth to honor and magnify with pure gold, such a Kintsugi Living... »

Find here the entire interview

and click there to read the Chronicle of the book

The book " Kintsugi "Of Céline Santini On the blog HappyTouraineKintsugi The art of resilience on Happy Touraine

Through a skilful set of metaphors and practical exercises, Céline Santini accompanies us in the healing process of our wounds. Herself dented by painful life experiences, she explains how the Kintsugi Allowed him to repair her trauma to make her stronger. Through this book "Feel Good", it gives us keys to transform our fault lines into lines of strength. (...)

Find Here The entire article

« Kintsugi "At the London Fair

The book

The book "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience" was present at the London Book Fair, the international Professional Book Fair of London, from 10 to 12 April 2018.

On Instagram

Mind Kintsugi is present on Instagram

Instagram bloggers like the book " Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience», and talk about it!

The lively Week-End, Lifestyle magazine in Belgium, talks about KintsugiThe lively weekend talks about the Kintsugi

"By agreeing to open up to the wabi Sabi, we are going against modern standardized and artificial models," concedes Céline Santini . The Wabi Sabi invites on the contrary to contemplation and detachment in relation to perfection»

Meeting in the context of the spring of Japan

Céline Santini , the author of the book " Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience»  was invited to a conference-dedication in the context of "Yamato, Spring of Japan" To the Nobuyoshi space.

Céline Santini , author, in dedication

The book " Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience» Reviewed by TMVTMV logo for the Chronicle

TMV liked the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience. "  "More than an artistic practice, it appears a philosophy: The book draws the outline of a metaphor, that of Kintsugi As a reconstruction after a physical or emotional ordeal. The author sketches, through tips and practical exercises, An interesting art-therapy form. The book reads quickly and serves as a real Practical Guide. (...)

Find here the entire article TMV on the book " Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience»

Favorite of the blog "Read Japan"

Chronicle of the book " Kintsugi The art of Resilience "on the blog" Read Japan "

The blog "Read Japan", specializes in Japanese literature and around Japan, loved and reviewed the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience. »

The Global health and wellness Blog talks about resilience and the bookGlobal health and well-being and resilience

"To learn more about The phenomenon of resilience And how the Art of Kintsugi Is the most beautiful image to explain resilience, I advise you to read the book of Céline Santini : Kintsugi , the art of resilience. » explains the Kintsugi to its readers

DH; be likes the book " Kintsugi "Of Céline Santini

"According to Céline Santini Who wrote A book on the subject Entitled « Kintsugi , the art of Resilience, "The most beautiful works are those that fill the gaps with external inputs." 

The Alternative blog liked the book

The Alternative blog liked the book " Kintsugi The Art of Resilience "
"With intelligence and apropos, Céline Santini Combines the movements of this art with a personal resurrection. You become an object that has a soul and the writer guides you, incites you, suggests you. It synthesizes by metaphors how to take care of you. (...) »

Mind Kintsugi On Facebook

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Presentation of the book

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, First Editions, 2018

le livre : 1

Buy the book in the language of your choice:



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