Finding strenght in imperfection

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The book " Kintsugi is already an international success in the field of personal development. Find here all the links to buy it in one of the 10 languages available: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, DutchPortuguese, Polish, CzechRussian.

A symbol to heal emotional wounds

This book explores the symbolism of the art of Kintsugi to talk about repair and transformation, through all the steps of the realization of a Kintsugi Traditional. Enriched with tales, quotes, personal development exercises and anecdotes about spirituality and Japan, this book accompanies you throughout your emotional healing.

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Buy the book in Russian (soon!) – EKSMO

Find all the information on the art of Kintsugi on the portal of Kintsugi

2 responses to "buy the book" Kintsugi , the art of resilience ""

  1. 1 Elisângela Andrade

    I bought your book today morning. I love the art of Kintsuji but my book is Japanese. I am very happy with the new book. I am reading in Portuguese, my native language!

    • 1 Blogjourapresjour

      So glad to hear this! I hope you will enjoy it and that the Kintsugi spirit will inspire you!


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