Finding strenght in imperfection

The Kintsugi spots worldwide: who to contact to repair an object with the Kintsugi technique

The Kintsugi 's best addresses around the world

Save a broken object instead of throwing it away

You have broken an object that you hold a lot. You loved it, it was meaning... Maybe even symbolic. And now he lies, in a thousand pieces, on the ground.

And if, instead of throwing it away, you gave him a second life and rebet it with the technique of Kintsugi ? This traditional Japanese art cures broken objects with natural lacquer and genuine gold powder. The scars of the object are underlined with gold: the object is paradoxically more beautiful, stronger, and more precious than before its accident!

The Spirit site Kintsugi Is the portal of the Kintsugi

Sharing the love of objects

I do not resist to share with you this pretty reflection of a craftsman Kintsugi , Perfect summary of the love brought to the restored objects and the spirit Kintsugi :

I have not yet read your book but I find your site remarkable in that it really addresses all aspects of this art in its aesthetic and spiritual dimensions. May your work help to make this technique known and hopefully open a space for reflection on the value of things. The love of the purchase has replaced the love of the object. Like you I think the Kintsugi Can inspire another way of considering that anything that is broken can be reborn. Being above all a professional of art restoration, I believe that the work of restoration requires to respect specific techniques, but it can not be successful without a true sense of aesthetics and a sincere emotion in contact with the piece "neat" and this , regardless of the market value of the object. So thank you for giving to know something other than the ease that prevents to perceive the profound meaning, scarcity and value of this art. » Helen

International Directory of Kintsugi

If you have a crush on this beautiful art What is the Kintugi, but that you have neither the talent, nor the patience, nor The technique, Neither the traditional tools and the equipment to get the object you want to repair, you can entrust it to the expert hands of the best craftsmen Kintsugi .

Here is a worldwide directory of repair shops Kintsugi Using the traditional Japanese technique of Kintsugi Around the world to submit your request for restoration. Most work remotely, so do not hesitate to share your request even if you do not live on site.


Workshop Kintsugi , Kintsugi Fr

Workshop Kintsugi On the Spirit Portal Kintsugi

© Myriam Greff

The lacquered Way,

The lacquered Track _ Technical restoration Workshop Kintsugi

© the Lacquered Way

Golden Number Workshop,

Golden Number Workshop for the Spirit Portal Kintsugi

© Workshop of the golden number

HCA Restoration,

HCA Restoration for Esprit Kintsugi

© Hélène Colme-Othert


Dave Pike,

Dave Pike for Spirit Kintsugi

© Dave Pike


Kintsugi Oxford ,

Kintsugi Oxford Offers Kintsugi Repair Services

© Kintsugi Oxford

United states

Lakeside Pottery,

Lakeside Pottery for Spirit Kintsugi

© Lakeside Pottery

If you want to appear on this page and on the website, do not hesitate to contact us to submit your repair shop Kintsugi To our directory, regardless of your country of origin!

And if you prefer to make yourself your own Kintsugis, you can learn by self-taught by consulting online video trainings, making "fake" Kintsugis Simplified, Take special distance lessons or sign up for Workshops or training courses in the traditional art of the Kintsugi .

Presentation of the book

If the subject of the Kintsugi You are particularly interested in, do not hesitate to obtain the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience. " It will soon be available in several languages.

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, First Editions, 2018

Kintsugi , the Art of resilience – French Version. Soon available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech, Russian.

le livre : 1

Buy the book in the language of your choice:


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