Finding strenght in imperfection

Discover some excerpts from the book "Kintsugi, Finding strenght in imperfection"

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, First Editions, 2018

Discover Some excerpts from the book Kintsugi , the Art of Resilience» de Céline Santini, Editions First, 2018.

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Honor yourselves!

Whatever your journey and accomplishments, remember that you too have a huge value! As the object "resurrected" with real gold and the care of dozens of hours of work, you deserve this attention, this time, this money invested. Choose in consciousness to take care of yourself; But, also, that we take care of you... If you are just putting on makeup or dressing your wounds, they may reopen. Make the decision to really heal, even if you wait long months, layer after layer. You deserve it! Honor yourselves! (...) »

Remove protective layers

"It is a beautiful metaphor for the process of healing and personal development, in which we gradually polish his thoughts, memories, traumas, beliefs and feelings, until there is no more pain or danger..." Little by little, we take away layers of emotions, which actually served us as protection against others, and against ourselves. We gradually reach the heart of our being, the true "self". It is very confusing: our beliefs, our conditioned reflexes and our automatic emotions have served as a structure and a landmark for all these years. Our hearts are bare. But, perhaps for the first time in a long time, we are finally authentic. No shell. It is now time to remove the mask, and to show itself beyond appearances... (...) »

The right time and now

"We are all a bit like an assault tank, difficult to put in motion, but which goes straight towards its goal once launched: it is a question of combating its natural inertia and finally applying the right advice to take action." The smallest step is better than the greatest speech! It is not the theory that counts, but the practice. As a coincidence, when you read the biography of successful people, you often find 3 commonalities: They meditate, they get up early, and they... use dental floss! Intriguing, isn't it? This is of course not the key to success: But if you are disciplined enough to use it every day, it is likely that the same discipline will be applied in every act of the day... Do you use dental floss? "One day... "' Later... "' Too Late! The right time is now! In a year, you will want to have started today... Then go to the top speed and finally implement your action plan! (...) »

The Master Kintsugi And the Way (Dô)

"The Master Kintsugi Dose each of his actions to find, as in calligraphy, the perfect, fine and precise stroke to cover each fault line. This is an important step, because if the layer is too thick, it will dry coarsely, wrinkled to the surface. He must therefore be perfectly centered and focused to master his gesture, in a second state, close to meditation: here, and now, nothing exists but this stroke of lacquer. All its energy is concentrated in this moment, in this line drawn with one breath. It is the brush, it is the bowl, it is the whole universe, and the whole universe is contained in this line and in that breath. (...) »

Putting all your energy into one goal

"The Kintsugi , like other Japanese arts, teaches how to concentrate its vital energy (QI) towards one action at a time. In today's world, with its multiple stresses, it is easy to disperse, and dissolve its energy in stress, agitation and vain distractions. Find your center, find your IQ! What is your goal? Be precise and all turned to your goal instead of flit and scatter you incessantly. Centered and focused in each of your actions and your intentions, visualize your goal. Nothing else exists. Master your thoughts, gestures, words and actions, aim, hold your breath... uncheck the arrow to your target. (...) »

Making his life a high definition film

"We all need lightness and fantasy in our lives, even though we sometimes tend to forget it: Look at the unexpected success of the La Land movie..." You too, you can make your life a musical, of which you will be author, composer, performer, dancer, actor, screenwriter, producer, director, responsible for casting, lighting, makeup artist, hairdresser: It is up to you to choose the theme and The actors... But remember one detail: In the movie of your life, there are no essays, no rehearsals, and everything is shot in one take! (...) »

Find your lives!

"Then, do you have anything better to do with your life than sleep? It's time to wake up! You too, take action, resurrect! As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens while you are busy with other projects." And, without even realizing it, your whole life is going on... Do you prefer a bright and radiant life, or its mediocre version? Do you want to live in HD (high definition) or low definition? Put some breath into your life, find your lives! (...) »

Taking care of yourself as a precious object

"Gold is a strong symbol, representing purity, perfection, preciousness, light..." After all these healing steps, all this cleaning, all these efforts, all this progress, you are now ready to sparkle. How long had you not cared for yourself as a precious object? Now is the time to put gold and light back into your life. A little lightness, sparks, fancy. Smiles and bursts of laughter. Anything you may not allow yourself more... (...) »

Reconnect with his inner master

"What if, you too, you take things less seriously now? Add Gold glitter and magic to your life, do the crazies, tickles, grimaces, a cure of gaiety, play the goatee and bound on a trampoline, connect with the mischievous child who is in you, burst with laughter, spark, transform The shards of your wounds burst with laughter, reconnect with your inner master! (...) »

It's time to hatch

For you too, perhaps it is finally the time of the Renaissance. You have invested all this time and energy in healing your wounds, you have taken care of yourself, like a precious object that deserves all the gold in the world... This is the moment of molting, to reveal you, it's time to hatch! (...) »

Choose to shine

"To shine, so it's a choice. Such a Kintsugi Living, change your gaze on yourself and assume your light and true beauty. Take a few moments to observe the signs of the passage of time on your body. This scar, this redness, these white hairs, this wrinkle, this birthmark that testify to your history and make you so human... (...) »

Assume His Majesty

This is the key moment, where your outward appearance reflects your inner progress. Show your radiance, straighten up, diffuse your aura, shine as the king or Queen as you are, assume your Majesty! (...) »

Cherish his scars

Like the broken and repaired object that proudly exposes its flaws, observe and assume your mistakes and pains. Cherish your scars! They show you the path you have travelled... Witnesses of your experiences and of your past, they tell you: you lived, and you survived! It is not a matter of cultivating a complacent nostalgia that will draw you down. But to remember your experience, remind your memory to use it as a point of support for a new cycle. (...) »

The force is with you

"As in the art of Kintsugi , your flaws and weaknesses have paradoxically strengthened you. What does not kill makes it stronger... Consoled and consolidated, strengthened and hardened, nothing can reach you... The force is with you! Now vigilant and experienced, you are living proof that we can survive this ordeal. You're cured, you're seasoned. Be careful, however, not to become unattainable and isolate yourself under a protective armor too thick: Give life a chance to reach you... (...) »

Assume, perfectly flawed

"Honour your unique journey, with its" accidents ", whether physical or psychological. They helped you build yourself... Today you have overcome them, and it is paradoxically because of them that you have developed your resilience and new strengths. Sometimes the past still flushes to the surface: don't let him control your life anymore. On the contrary, show with pride to yourself and to the whole world what you are capable of. Straighten up with panache! Recognize the splendor, strength, and beauty that are within you. They have always been there, but the trials have passed on to you the extra soul that you were missing to reveal yourself. The Kintsugi Teaches you to assume this new nobility. Be proud of what you've become. of who you are... Perfectly flawed...  (...) »

Testifying of its Renaissance

"Yes, of course, one can survive this injury: you are proof! You have come, you have lived, you have defeated... So for you too, it may now be time for transmission to get your message across, to share your legacy. The words heal the evils... By assuming your cracks, by revealing your faults, you will give courage to other people. Whatever its form, your testimony will give them confidence in the future. Do you not want to tell the whole world that you are there, finally gathered, ready to make a fresh start? To testify that you are cured, alive, unified? Uni, towards the uni-verse. (...) »

Open to the path of Kintsugi The Kintsugi -Dô

"Yes, life can topple in a week, a day, a minute, a second. One way or the other. Instead of wanting to ram the doors closed, as I have done so often, I invite you to surprise: Sometimes it is the next door that opens... But, also, to remove your protection barriers. A do not store in the bottom of a closet or a chest locked all your treasures so that they do not damage or break inadvertently... On the contrary, savor them, use them every day, give them a chance to "rub" the reality. Perhaps, indeed, they will be broken by accident... But to become even more precious, once healed with gold. Give life a chance to transform yourself: borrow the Kintsugi -Dô, the way of Kintsugi ... (...) »

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The Kintsugi Is the perfect metaphor for the resilience and sublimation of the trials. What does not kill makes us stronger: in the face of hardships, we renfonçons and build...

Kintsugi, L

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