Finding strenght in imperfection

Learn the traditional technique of Kintsugi: private lessons at a distance

All the addresses to learn the Kintsugi Around the world

An art meaning

The Kintsugi is a beautiful art, obviously very beautiful, but more symbolic... The golden scars of a Kintsugi Speak to our souls about our suffering and our Strength of inner resilience.

Repair his broken objects with the method of Kintsugi

To repair with this ancestral method your broken objects (And your interiority at the same time), you can choose from several solutions:

  1. Order the material and learn by self-taught The traditional technique With video tutorials.
  2. Have your objects restored by a craftsman or a master Kintsugi Qualified and experienced: Click here To discover all the good addresses of the Kintsugi Around the world.
  3. Take courses, through workshops or training course to the traditional method: Click here To find classes or workshops next to you.
  4. Realize a "fake Kintsugi In the spirit of the Kintsugi But with special kits Kintsugi Ready to use or modern and easily accessible materials.
  5. Take private Lessons from Kintsugi At a distance, with a skilled craftsman. If this last solution calls you, here are some private course addresses from afar around the world.

Distance-to-time courses in English

Kintsugi Oxford ,

Kintsugi Oxford Offers Kintsugi Repair Services

© Kintsugi Oxford

Dave Pike,

Dave Pike for Spirit Kintsugi

© Dave Pike

Do not hesitate to contact us if you also want to appear on this international directory of courses of Kintsugi Traditional remote!

Presentation of the book

And if the subject of the Kintsugi You are particularly interested in, do not hesitate to obtain the book " Kintsugi , the art of resilience. " Soon available in several languages.

Kintsugi, the art of Resilience-a book to put gold on wounds

Kintsugi, the Art of resilience – French Version. Soon available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech.

le livre : 1

Buy the book in the language of your choice:



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