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The book Kintsugi, Finding Strengh in Imperfection, already an international success!

The book "Kintsugi, The Art of Resilience" is an international success

The Kintsugi , the new trend of personal development

The Kintsugi is the art of healing his wounds, By Emphasizing with pure gold Instead of trying to hide them at all costs...  Because this metaphor speaks immediately To anyone who has suffered, This ancient Japanese art unknown for several centuries now returns to the front of the stage and becomes the A new trend in personal development and well-being.

An easy to read book, Rich in advice

This metaphor is taken as a guiding thread along the Céline Santini book: "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience".

A book of personal development that alternates practical exercises, cultural anecdotes, tips, examples, tales and legends... Its layout is airy and embellished with carefully selected photos.

Towards international success

Even before its release in France, the rights were already sold in 6 countries... (for some, at auction!) Soon available in 10 languages, it is a A coup de coeur for many professionals in the international publishing world.

It has already been chosen by:

France: Editions First






Netherlands: KOSMOS

Russia: EKSMO

Czech Republic: Grada

Poland: JK Publishing


French Version. Also available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian Dutch, and soon in Czech, Polish, Russian.

All versions

Find here all the versions of the book, in all countries, As they are published:


Quoted by Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is the news site of reference in the world of publishing. In its section "International Hot Book Properties", Who presents the deals of the moment we talk about, the book "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience", is highlighted:

« French Lifestyle Book on Resilience Sells Widely 
Kintsugi: The Art of healing wounds by Celine Santini, published last month by French Lifestyle publisher Editions First, has sold in several territories, including to Planeta (Spain) and Rizzoli (Italy). Kintsugi Reirons to the Japanese art of repairing pottery, which has become a metaphor for resilience and repairing one's self. On The author website, she explains that when she discovered Kintsugi, it was a "real thunderbolt" in her life, and a way for her to express her passions of personal development and healing. Editions First controls rights for the title. »

Find here the full article of Publishers Weekly

A few articles published in the Foreign press

« Kintsugi is from Japanse Kunst om scherven van Aardewerk puts Goud te lijmen. Om de littekens te laten zien in Plaats van Ze te verbergen. (...) »

«  Kintsugi is een japanse kunstvorm waarbij gebroken aardewerk liefdevol wordt gerestaureerd puts Goud. De gedachte hierachter is dat i breuken niet wegmoffelt, Maar juist Accentueert. (...) « «Vuoi riparare la tua vita? Impara Arte Giapponese del , per Valorizzare would e Fragilità (...) »

«En este libro práctico e inspirador, Celine Santini Nos invited a reflexionar sobre las scars that our VA dejando la vida, reivindicando la Belleza de ESAs Heridas, has spans del Antiguo arte japones del , there is Conectar con su energía curativa. (...) »


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