Finding strenght in imperfection

Kintsugi: The soul of resilience, or how to turn your own lead into gold...


The book "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience" is dedicated to "My two wonderful husbands, without whom this book would never have existed..." »

Kintsugi00, the soul of resilience

I think it sums up well the soul of the resilience. Resilience is forgiving, moving forward, rebounding. Despite the hardships. Despite the difficulties. Or maybe even "thanks to"...

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, First Editions, 2018

The Kintsugi is really the perfect metaphor for the resilience : The tests become Reconstruction Opportunities And no more breaks. The injury may prove paradoxically beneficial after a long work: After being bandaged, and thought...

Your trials invite you to take a step back and reflect on your life path.

Heal your wounds

The Kintsugi can support you in your healing process, transmitting a message of hope: You can heal, and, as painful as they may be, your ordeals are perhaps the key to transformation: like a Kintsugi Alive, you can transmute your gold lead into an alchemical process and shine again.

More precious than before the break, stronger than before the injury...

If you are interested in the subject of resilience, Discover The Book of Céline Santini "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience" Published in 2018 to the Editions First.

Kintsugi, L

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