Finding strenght in imperfection

The Kintsugi , the new trend of personal development and well-being

Kintsugi, a new trend in personal development

Carry via Esprit Kintsugi

Do you know the Kintsugi ? It is a Japanese art dating from the fifteenth century, which consists of Underline gold Pure The scars of a broken object. So, instead of being thrown away, the object is even more beautiful after its accident...

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What does not kill makes it stronger...

Beyond the obvious and sublime beauty of objects repaired with this method, This art is of course an obvious metaphor for resilience. For, paradoxically, the objects are magnified to have been broken, and the lacquer used reinforces them: it is said that a Kintsugi is more resistant than before his injury... Some purists do not hesitate to Check the force of the repair by throwing on the floor the Kintsugi A second time !

What a pretty symbol of healing: in life too, what does not kill makes it stronger: and our trials are carrying experience.

In the Art of Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi), each flaw and each scar tells the story of the broken object...

The Japanese art of living: a new trend in personal development and well-being

The Art of Kintsugi is part of the Japanese Wabi-Sabi trend, which invites to recognize the beauty of imperfections and objects carrying a story...

It is interesting to note that in personal development, after the cold-coming wave (Hygge, Lykke, Lagom) Japan is fashionable! 2018 is precisely The year that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the early Meiji era...

And lately have just come out several bestsellers that celebrate the Japanese art of living, on the themes of The Ikigai (Find its raison d'être), Of Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bath), Of the Art of Storage (KonMari), Etc.

The wave of Kintsugi In personal development

The Kintsugi is an art still confidential, even in Japan, where the Masters Kintsugi Are rare and this art sometimes unsung. But it may change... Do you know the Monkey 100th theory and the Morphic resonance of Rupert Sheldrake ? It is said that sometimes some ideas infuse into The collective unconscious And arise at several points on the planet, without any connection between the protagonists... As if, suddenly, the world was ready to hear them.

Personal development Site "DoersWave" and the Kintsugi

It is interesting to note that precisely, without any consultation of the authors, came out simultaneously, in April 2018, 3 General public works on the Kintsugi In three different countries! (England, France and USA). Not a Practical Manual on artistic technique... But just three books that address the symbolic Kintsugi As a psychological repair tool.



Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit1


Kintsugi : Embrace your imperfections and find happiness – the Japanese way1


All media talk about Kintsugi !

Europe 1, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post... On the net, on the radio or in the press, The Kintsugi Is fashionable and the mainstream media are talking about it. Even the TV series like Grey's Anatomy, Kidding and The StarsAs Beyoncé, begin to evoke it! Let's bet he's finally going to make himself known to the general public!

A metaphor for life

If the Kintsugi Speaks to us, it is because he is a perfect metaphor of life, with his wounds, his ordeals, and his rebirths...
And you, does this symbol speak to you? Do you sometimes feel like a Kintsugi Alive, more beautiful and more precious to have been broken?

To deepen the topic of Kintsugi :
le livre : 1

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