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Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience: Reader reviews

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Here Some photos of the book "Kintsugi, The Art of Resilience" Gleaned from social networks or sent directly by readers who liked the book... You too, feel free to Share a picture of your reading or the kintsugi de votre vie « avant-après » ! I will be very happy to relay them to inspire others!

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They liked the book "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience," and they talk about it...

"Since this surprising encounter-discovery the Kintsugi accompanies me. I still love your book so much and have made it discover to many people who are always amazed by the philosophy of this art. Invited to the Domaine de Chaumont I had the pleasure of discovering the Kintsugi On a dresser.... each time an emotion. Thank you. A soon can be... Tina.

"I just finished reading Kintsugi – The art of resilience" excited.. As a professional plastic artist, I will start by giving you my opinion on its appearance: it is a "little gem". There are beautiful photo illustrations, a remarkable layout with an airy and modern design (an organisation: text – Colour shades – images – lettering – rounded edge, perfect result) not to say: «Excellent putting in the mouth» before reading 🙂 as soon The beginning, opening the book I felt like unpacking a work of art! It's still incredible as a sensation for a book.. Successful effect 🙂 Moreover, it is intelligent, moving, rewarding and accessible, its price is really cheap, given the quality of the book. For its text content: It is an endless source of tracks to understand and improve your life through personal development, to get back in hand. Accessible, easy, fluid, I followed the pen of Céline Santini whose writing is sweet, sincere and profound. The art of Kintsugi is developed as a guiding thread to understand and transmute our fault lines into lines of strength. It's very well written! This is a book I highly recommend. Also, will I redeem it to offer.. and make nice gifts:))» Sandrine

This book is very complete, combining the history of Kintsugi and the practice of technique, with a proposal of personal development and way of healing. This book reminds me of an encyclopedia because very thorough and complete, approaching many tracks of change but in a very fluid and pleasant style. I devoured it almost of a milking, and think reread some chapters! The aesthetics of the Book of Céline Santini is also beautiful, I felt like holding a piece of Kintsugi! Pictures of very good quality. This is a purchase that I highly recommend. » Loan

"I loved to delve into this book that I will not offer to many friends!!! Pleasant reading between the discovery of this art, coaching and personal narrative of the author Céline Santini. The art of resilience or how to move forward... Thank you for writing! » a Reader... anonymous

"I really liked this book. I didn't know the Kintsugi , but the feather of Céline Santini Makes us discover the subject with comfort and natural. It is a strong symbol that will accompany me along my personal journey, and long after. The discovery of the first proposed exercises has created some interesting reflections on my course. The text is glazed with legends and anecdotes that make it alive, present, smiling. They invite you to the trip to the rising country! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in personal development. » a Reader... anonymous

Even if you do not have the chance to listen to Céline Santini before discovering his book, be sure you will spend a wonderful and rewarding time reading this very accessible and very profound book that shows whether it was still necessary the strength of Emotions provided by good reading. The subject is exciting and the treatment is excellent. Thank you Céline for this life lesson. » Hugh

«Exciting from end to end, to read absolutely! The art of resilience is an essential concept. Céline Santini 's prose is beautiful. » Thibault

«A magnificent work dedicated to the resilience on the background of coaching and the ancestral art of Kintsugi. A great journey to the heart of oneself! » Fox

"A magnificent book in every sense of the word. I loved reading this book of a deal! It is super positive and filled with tools to advance in harmony with oneself. A Japanese ancestral art that allows us to repair our inner wounds and to sublimate ourselves: What a great idea! Thank you Céline Santini for this great generosity to offer us all these rich resources! I recommend this book vividly and I will buy several to offer them to my friends!!! » a Reader... anonymous

«Adored – A... gild (the 2 are suitable) very nice discovery of this ancestral art. What good is looking for perfection when the cracks can be so beautifully repaired. I advise + +. » Kasia

I attended a conference of the author of this book in the spring of Japan at St Antoine du Rocher (37) and has his dedicated book that I also offered to two of my friends.... it became my bedside book.. I absolutely did not know this art of repairing by sublime what was broken (and therefore disposable) easily transposable on the human being driven by life. A vision foreign to our culture of the beautiful and what lesson of humility, patience, love. » Gilberte

"A little gem." Carolina

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