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All these celebrities just love Kintsugi and are inspired by its philosophy!

Kintsugi quoted by celebrities

All these personalities are affected by the metaphor of The Art of Kintsugi and inspire them in their creations...

Beyoncé: Kintsugi, Symbol of Forgiveness 

A coincidence? Probably not... In his song " Sandcastles, from his album Lemonade, which evokes her couple problems, Beyoncé Apologies for forgiveness. On the first images appears in the scenery A beautiful black Kintsugi bowl with golden scars. And the text is unequivocal... "If We're gonna heal, let it be glorious"...


Guillermo del Toro: Kintsugi, The key 

On the occasion of the release of the "water form", the director Guillermo del Toro Told how much the art of  Kintsugi The key: « There is a Japanese aesthetic and philosophy called the  Kintsugi » , he said, " Where a broken ceramic is repaired with gold. I think the Kintsugi is the key to being yourself. You don't want to be repaired: you just want to know that there is gold in your wounds. »

The shape of water

Death Cab for Cutie: Kintsugi, the opportunity

It is no coincidence that the famous group Death Cab for Cutie Chose to call his album "  Kintsugi » (Nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2016) After the departure of one of their founding members, "When Chris left the band, we perceived him as an opportunity, rather than a break." We have all reacted [to the idea of Kintsugi] because it is such a beautiful idea, which highlights the broken parts and embellishes them. » Said Gibbard. As a songwriter, I try to take all those hideous broken parts that are in me and make them elegant, and, in their own way, beautiful. »

Kintsugi – Death Cab for Cutie

Viktor & Rolf: Kintsugi, the beauty of imperfection

The creators duo Viktor & Rolf Was inspired by the art of Kintsugi In its spring 2017 collection. "Find value in missing parts, faults and splinters." To highlight the scars that are born from the experiences of life. Recognize the beauty of imperfection as a positive reinforcement that ultimately transforms the original into something more beautiful and precious, and the imperfect in fine. »

Yoko Ono: Kintsugi50, fix what's broken.

Infusing the spirit of Kintsugi In its creation through its collaboration with Illy,  Yoko Ono Talk aboutHope and Repair : The first 6 cups include fault lines, and the date of a painful event. The seventh remains blank: "This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection" (this cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection).

Valérie Lemercier: Kintsugi40, the story of an object

On his TumblrAnd through an interview for Psychology Magazine In June 2017, Valérie Lemercier States how much the metaphor of Kintsugi Talk to him. This is a philosophy that takes into account the past of the object, its history and therefore the possible accidents that it may have known. It is not a question of concealing the repairs, but of putting them forward. »

Serge Teyssot-Gay (Black Desire): Kintsugi, the revival

After Black Desire, Serge Teyssot-Gay Explores the theme of Renaissance Through his trio Kintsugi, a meeting between France and Japan. "The breakage of a ceramic does not mean its end or scrapping, but a revival and the beginning of another cycle."

Yoshitsune (feat. Serge Teyssot-Gay, Kakushin Nishihara & Gaspar Claus)

Christophe André: Kintsugi, reminder of the impermanence

The famous Psychiatrist Christophe André Loves the spirit of the Kintsugi, which he transposes in his observations of the human psyche:  I sometimes feel like I'm meeting some Kintsugi humans! Humans that life has dented, but who have managed to recover, and who have not kept bitterness or resentment. On the contrary, which have progressed, which have both rebuilt and enlarged, improved, enhanced... » 

Bernard Werber: Kintsugi, giving value

The bestselling writer Bernard Werber Dedicates a paragraph to the art of Kintsugi in his book from Beyond : "By proposing a second life to the objects, the Kintsugi Conveys the idea that a man who has lived through dramas, which has been broken and repaired, has more interest than an intact man protected from the vicissitudes of existence. »

From the Afterlife

Sarkis: Kintsugi, as a overpower

Invited by Bernardaud, the famous porcelain house, to invent a new collection, the Turkish artist Sarkis is based on the technique of  Kintsugi.  « I am fascinated by this Japanese technique called "Kintsugi » Of the 16th century. I worked as a calligrapher in a very concentrated way and the pieces came out of a single jet, Like a overpower. »

VSO: Kintsugi as a source of inspiration

© VSO/Uzoezi

The French rappers VSO are also inspired by the Kintsugi : This is how they christened their new album, released on June 29, 2018. and their cover reminds him directly... "[The Kintsugi ], it's kind of our way of looking at things, we had a hectic year on a personal level and we liked the symbol. The title where we're going?, with Argentine singer La Yegros, sums up this evolution well. "

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