Finding strenght in imperfection

Wabi Sabi & Kintsugi: Perfection of imperfection, another idea of beauty...



The Wabi Sabi, another idea of beauty...

The Kintsugi is part of the current of thought Of Wabi Sabi » (Wabi : humilité face aux phénomènes naturels ; Sabi : ce que l’on ressent face au travail du temps ou des hommes). Il s’agit d’apprendre à voir la beauté paradoxale qui réside dans les choses humbles et leurs imperfections.

By agreeing to open the Wabi Sabi, We're going against modern standardized and artificial models. The Wabi Sabi Invites on the contrary to contemplation, and to detachment in relation to perfection.

It stresses the irreversible nature of the passing time and the ephemeral aspect of everything, and calls to appreciate the humble beauty of simple things, patinad by the years and the trials...

Find this theme and more information about the culture of Japan and the Kintsugi In the Book of Céline Santini "Kintsugi, the Art of Resilience".

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, First Editions, 2018

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