Finding strenght in imperfection

Kintsugi, the Art of resilience – turn your wounds into gold...


The Kintsugi , or the art of sublime wounds...

An ancestral art

The Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art That invites to repair a broken object by emphasizing its powder scars ofGold, instead of hiding them. Repaired, consolidated, embellished, he proudly wears his wounds, and it becomes paradoxically all the more precious that he was broken...

Kintsugi and Art Therapy

The way of Kintsugi Can be seen as a form ofArt Therapy, inviting you to transcend your ordeals and turn your own gold lead. It reminds you that your scars, whether visible or invisible, are proof that you have overcome your difficulties. By materializing your story, they say, "You survived!" and bring you extra soul.

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The Kintsugi Invites you to notice that you are still standing despite the hardships

Even more beautiful, even more precious, even more resistant, yet... there!

The energy of the Kintsugi

So whatever your Injury, be it physical (car accident, mastectomy, sickness, amputation, handicap, old age, burn, aggression...), or emotional (break friendly or in love, divorce, mourning, depression, loss of employment, abandonment, rumor, painful childhood...) , l’énergie du Kintsugi can support you and accompany you in your healing process. As a path of evolution, consider that your wound is initiatory, and change it slowly and patiently in gold, in a Alchemical process...

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, First Editions, 2018

To another idea of perfection

This is the beginning for you of a new cycle. Finally, it is your turn to shine... Go to meet yourself, andAnother idea of beauty and perfection, in the manner of Wabi-Sabi... Entrez, découvrez, expérimentez : enrichi de contes, de conseils, et d’exercices pratiques, ce livre vous invite à faire connaissance avec cet art ancestral, et à vous connecter à l’énergie de guérison du Kintsugi.

The Kintsugi Is the perfect metaphor for the resilience and sublimation of the trials. What does not kill makes us stronger: in the face of hardships, we renfonçons and build...

Turn your fault lines into lines of strength!

Kintsugi, the art of resilience. Céline Santini, 2018, to Editions First.

Soon available In Spain, Germany, Poland, Brazil, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries!

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